Women's Guild

Our History and Purpose


We were originally organized on February 17, 1950 and we were then known as the “St. Valentine Women’s Club”. Our purpose back then was to help raise the funds to build our parish school for our children. But as the years progressed we wanted to be more than just a fund raising organization. We wanted something that would ‘feed and build up’ our spirits as well. We did this then by seeking enrollment in the Arch-Confraternity of Christian Mother’s and became known as “The St. Valentine Women’s Club/Christian Mothers”.

Who we are Today


Realizing that we are like any “organic group” evolving and growing into our future, there is a stronger need to redefine who we are. We are no longer just a group of married women with children but we are single women pursuing our careers; we as single mothers working to support our families; we are married with or without children; we are grandmothers who support our children and our children’s children and we are widows with “village wisdom” to share.

It is our desire to be more than “a Club or a group of Christian Mothers”; we needed to expand our self-definition. It was agreed by our members that as we seek to redefine our mission we will now be known as simply: The St. Val’s Women’s Guild.

We seek to welcome women of all ages and interests. We want to promote the Spiritual, Temporal and Social well-being of all women young and old. We seek opportunities and new ways for growth in all areas of our lives. Most of all we invite other women to join us as we redirect and redefine our Mission.

Contact: Rita Heberle
[email protected]