Altar Servers

What does an Altar Server Do?

The two main duties of a server are to assist the priest and deacon during the celebration of Mass and help the people pray by your example.

Who can become an Altar Server?

Anyone who is in the 3rd grade, made your First Communion, and is enrolled in Faith Formation classes with the willingness to serve any of the 3 week-end Masses about 1-2 times per month.




Before Mass

  • Arrive 15 minutes before the start of Mass
  • Dress into alb
  • Light the candles and assist the celebrant to prepare for the liturgy

During Mass

  • Carry crucifix during beginning procession
  • Hold Roman Missal book for priest
  • Assist in setting the altar table
  • Hold pitcher & finger bowl so the priest can wash his hands
  • Clear altar after communion
  • Carry crucifix during ending procession

After Mass

  • Replace crucifix in Sacristy
  • Replace alb on the hanger and neatly hang it up before leaving the Church


Training Sessions

Must attend two new servers training, and additional training when new procedures are put in place.
Please contact the parish office for more information or to become part of this ministry.