Wedding Music Guidelines

Thank you for having your wedding at St. Valentine Parish. Our Music Ministry program is dedicated to foster the best sacred music for your special celebration. Please note the following policies in regards to the selection of music at your wedding:

  • All of the music used before, during, and after the celebration must be that which befits the church's teaching and must be perceived in prayer. Music composed for stage and screen would not be considered that which exhibits the traits of Sacramental Music. Any questions about the suitability of music can be discussed with the Minister of Music.

  • Please be in touch with the Parish Music Office approximately three months prior to your wedding in order to plan a meeting with the Minister of Music about the musical details concerning your wedding. Our Minister of Music coordinates all music for all weddings.

  • The process of selecting musicians for your wedding works best when done in conjunction with the Minister of Music. Before contacting any outside musicians, please contact the Music Office.

  • The "Wedding Rehearsal" which you have scheduled through the Parish (usually the day before your wedding) is NOT a rehearsal for musicians, but rather for the members of your wedding party.

Selecting Music for Your Wedding

For the remainder of the weddings in the calendar year of 2016, please contact Daniel Kovacic, Minister of Music, at 412-835-7720 or by e-mail, [email protected] to set up an appointment to select the music for your wedding.

Musicians Fees (as of 2016)

The Minister of Music will discuss with you during your music planning meeting concerning the process of paying musicians. Individual checks will be required for each individual musician. When submitting your payments, please write your names and wedding date on the Memo line of the check. All payments must be received and given to the pastor the night of your wedding rehearsal.

Organist/Minister of Music





Fee Varies on the Musician

Contact the Minister of Music for the hiring of instrumentalists.

Brass Quartet/String Quartet

Fees Vary on the Musicians

Contact the Minister of Music for the hiring of instrumental quartets. The parish has used numerous professional musicians in the Pittsburgh area who are of the highest quality.

Parish Choir/Octet


The Minister of Music must be contacted to ensure the availability of the choral ensembles.

  • Please note that the Organist/Minister of Music and Cantor are roles by the parish for all weddings. 

Policies Regarding Guest Musicians


  • Guest Musicians are most welcome to be a part of your wedding at St. Valentine Church. All unfamiliar guest musicians will be auditioned before being allowed to play for your wedding.

  • All music being played and sung before, during, and after the wedding Liturgy, must be approved two months prior to the wedding. Rehearsals with guest musicians are scheduled one hour prior to the wedding. Additional rehearsal time (for guest cantors and instrumentalists only) can be arranged with the music office for an additional fee.

  • Guest organists are welcome to play for your wedding at St. Valentine Church. A bench fee of $175 must still be paid to St. Valentine’s Minister of Music one month prior to the wedding. Guest organists should contact the Music Office three months prior to the wedding to arrange practice time and discuss our policies and procedures regarding weddings.

  • If you use one of our cantors and wish to have a guest vocalist sing one or two pieces as a prelude, they are most welcome to do so. The rehearsal is scheduled one hour prior to the wedding and the guest musicians must come prepared. Additional rehearsals can be arranged for a fee. This is often the best choice for guest vocalists.